You Can Play This

Webcast Offers an Interesting Look at Untranslated Japanese Game

You Can Play This

If you're interested in learning about many of the Japanese games that have never been released outside of the country, you may want to watch some of the YouTube videos created by Justin "Jew Wario" Carmical. His videos have inspired many to explore a wealth of games never heard of before and continue to inspire new generations of gamers to venture into the unknown. You should try out the incredible slots games based on popular Japanese game titles. Once you play them, you will never get enough. You can find them at many online casino sites, such as which offers a myriad of games besides poker. The best is yet to come.

Carmical's You Can Play This web show offered reviews and thoughts about many different untranslated Japanese games such as Umihara Kawase, Super Robot Taisen, and Mobile Suit Z Gundam Hot Scramble. The idea behind the show was that all of the games highlighted were actually playable by anyone regardless of how fluent they were in Japanese. The same can be said for the free online games promoted on These can be played by anyone, thanks to no-nonsense rules and buttons that are perfectly easy to follow, even if you only speak Japanese.

Carmical became interested in the idea of having a web series after watching Lee Davidge's Still Gaming series, a web show featuring video game reviews. While Justin Carmical had enjoyed playing Japanese games on his original Nintendo and other gaming systems, Carmical hadn't considered doing more than sharing those Japanese games with friends until he watched several episodes of Davidge's series.

The goal of Carmical's You Can Play This was to showcase Japanese games where the language barrier wasn't a barrier at all. To that end, the series focused on games where reading the text didn't matter as much, which meant it stayed away from genres such as RPGs where the story was important. The games Justin Carmical featured needed very little in the way of explanation or walk-through. In a way, that's very similar to the Canadian site,, as they are known to keep it simple while still providing a good value.

Carmical's You Can Play This web show was a part of the lineup on That Guy With The Glasses, a website ran by Doug Walker as a part of the Channel Awesome slate of websites. The site featured a number of different shows, including The Nostalgia Critic, Walker's most famous series. In 2013, Carmical, his Japanese games, and the website parted ways because he felt like some of his other projects such as You Can Cook This (a guide to cooking Asian foods) didn't fit with the Channel Awesome target audience.

In addition to his show, Carmical was also well-known for hosting a regular Friday night live stream that featured a number of guests. Justin Carmical and his guests often discussed various topics related to Asian culture, Japanese games, or relevant topics. He also created or produced a number of other series, including Play Proceeds Clockwise and J-Dub Reviews.

Sadly, Carmical passed away in January 2014. His channel is still up and running and can be visited where videos on games that inspired Carmical can still be enjoyed.