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  • Casino Site: Gold Coast
  • Bonus: $1000
  • Software:

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Game Information

  • Reels: 3
  • Paylines: 5

When it comes right down to playing slot games, there is nothing quite like playing the old 3 reel classic slots. There just seems to be some magic about these games with their retro style taking the older player back into time and captivating a whole new audience of new players who've yet to enjoy the experience.

With the new Gold Coast Slots coming from Microgaming the player knows ahead of time it will be an experience to remember. This trusted old hand at gaming development have been known as trailblazers when it comes to leading the way in gaming. Having been involved in the first online casino back in 1994, they have since delivered thousands of new games online and have continued to innovate along the way.

With their new Gold Coast Slots game, the player is whisked away to the Gold Coast Of Australia. The aesthertic side of the game, although simple is indeed pleasing and along with hearing the ongoing casino gaming activity in the backround, one really does feel like they are in a real live casino. Other players are clearly heard mulling around to the playing of other slots and it all adds up to a unique vibrant online casino atmosphere, without even having to leave one's home!

This classic slot game is a five line three reel game. The minimum coin size to play is $0.25 with maximum coin size of $5.00. With a maximum of 5 coins a game being allowed this means the maximum bet a player can have on any one game is $25. As there are no bonus rounds, free spins or multipliers involved in playing Gold Coast Slots, it's perhaps best for the player to remind themselves that in the olden days when these type of slots first came out there were no such features, so what they're really getting then is an actual authentic experience of how things used to be!

Looking to where the meaningful winning combinations are made from the three reels, 3 single bars pays out 20 coins, 3 double bars pays out 50 coins with 3 triple bars leading the big bar payout with 100 coins, not too bad at all for starters. Next comes the Seven symbol. Match 3 of these and now things look even more interesting, now the winnings come in at 300 coins.

Moving along to the jackpot phase of the game, the thing everyone needs to know is to have maximum chances of winning it on the five lines they will want to be playing using the maximum 5 coins. This is because there are 5 different jackpots, yes that's correct! These are all paid out on the 3 Gold Coast Logos, with each jackpot increasing as the player increases up the different jackpot lines! The lowest jackpot is 1,000 coins, followed by 2,000 coins, next comes 3,000 coins followed by 4,000 coins. With the top jackpot completely skipping 5,000 and going straight to 6,000 coins, should the player be playing at the maximum coin size of $5 a game they would see $30,000 drop into their account at the blink of an eye, if they were smart enough to walk away.

As everyone knows, these occurrences don't necessarily happen every day of the week, but if you compared this jackpot to some of the other jackpots that Microgaming software games have paid out in the past, it can be clearly demonstrated that such incidences do happen. Perhaps if that were the case a trip to Australia's Gold Coast would be in order, taking in a little visit to Surfers Paradise whilst there, how nice would that be one wonders! Anyhow to check the game out first hand, it can be played for free right now by taking a quick spin over to the Spin Palace Casino at, as they say, you have to be in it to win it, and wouldn't that be just dandy!