You Can Play This

How to play Lucky Koi Slot and what to Expect

You Can Play This

Asian-themed games have always been a favourite in the slot machine category and there's no surprise to the fact that every software developer out there ought to have one or even multiple games dedicated to the Asian theme. In fact, there are too many out there that even those who are avid players of this theme would find themselves in between two hard places when asked to pick what they think is worthy of playing. Out of all those Japanese games in the market today, what will surely be worth playing is the Lucky Koi Slot Machine.

It is quite obvious if you think about it, that the Lucky Koi Slot is a game that banks on the existence of the Koi, which is a kind of fish that's said to be the bringer of luck for the owner of the home where it is found. This is why many huge houses in Asia or even other parts of the globe, who has their own pond or even aquarium, would surely prefer having a Koi. Lucky Koi Slot makes use of this concept with their machine, which will surely leave you in anticipation. Would you be the lucky individual who'll be able to nab the jackpot prize in this game?


The Lucky Koi slot machine is a fairly popular brand title even today. Although some contemporary games utilizing 3D technology may come with more eye-opening and head-turning graphics, it is without a doubt that the Lucky Koi and its seamless gameplay and straightforward graphics is what makes it an incredibly tempting option for wagers. This is all thanks to the fact that Lucky Koi is one of the best Microgaming Slots today. Microgaming in Canada is highly renowned for their experience, a huge array of games and incredibly secure, fair and generous offers, making the Lucky Koi an even more impressive option that wagers would surely put high up on their priority list.

Jump into the Pond of Fortune

The game is truly befitting of its title and its graphics is nothing but impressive as well. You'll surely praise the simple yet straightforward graphics of the game with its blue spotted background that will make you feel like you're staring at a pond full of wondrous existences. There's the Koi Fishes, a frog, Lotus, Turtle, an oriental fan, lucky coins, dragonfly and other oriental symbols that you'll surely love. If you think that there's all to it, you'll be further surprised as you find out that the game also harmoniously blends with its oriental music, making you feel its prestige and serene environment even more. Whether you're looking for a leisure experience or one that would fill you with excitement, this game will surely be able to meet even your most demanding criteria.

What The Pond Is Made Of

Amazingly, the pond of symbols of the game are enclosed on the 5-column reels of the game, jam-packed with an array of 25 pay lines. With this abundant amount of pay lines, making winning combinations will be more probable and this will surely be able to convince you already that the Koi may just be your lucky Fish. The regular symbols of the game have their own corresponding values which you could find out more about through the paytable of the game.

Just below the reels of the game comes to their intuitive controls, and these controls may be highly simple just like the entirety of the game's graphics but, it is certainly extremely intuitive and very easy to play for any player - beginners or even professionals alike. You can easily change your betting size and spin, while there's also an option for an auto bet for those players who would love to just sit back, relax and enjoy the process of spinning the reels with little to no hassle at all.

Going back to the symbols of the asian-themed casino game, there are only two special symbols that you should be wary of and hope to land on your reels. The most obvious symbol is the Koi fishes symbol as they are treated as the Wilds of the game. Being the wild, the symbol comes equipped with the capability to help you earn more winning combinations with its substituting qualities. Aside from it, there's also the scatter of the game. If you are lucky enough, the scatter symbols could award you with free spins and if you want to, you could also grab the opportunity to play the game's bonus round.

The Lucky Koi Slot showcases a highly lucrative opportunity for players even with its bit simplistic environment for players. If you take the leap though and decide to utilize the game for fun, you'll surely be relieved as it is evidently one of the best Microgaming slots from the Microgaming platform.