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Japanese Bingo Games

You Can Play This

Bingo is hugely popular at and is considered as one of the oldest and longest running table and card game in the gaming industry. It was initially played as a leisure game among old folks in gaming centers which can win them exciting prizes. Gaming casinos and establishments then introduced competitive versions of this game wherein players get to play with numerous card players to win rewarding cash payouts at stake. There are also huge jackpots at stake which can turn any lucky card holder into instant millionaires.

This simple card game has also entered the online gaming scene through online sessions. Its online version has also garnered great following as online players continue to place their wagers on several bingo tables hosted online. Moreover, they don't need to visit land-based gaming centers and establishments to enjoy this game. They can readily participate in online draws right in the comforts of their own homes or even when they're on-the-go.

These reasons make this game a worldwide gaming phenomenon as different countries and regions are now hosting their own bingo nights for their online and offline players. Thus, one of the most popular variants is Japanese bingo games. The best bingo games can be found online, especially at online casinos where the players can bet on multiple cards at the same time. The bingo section on offers a list of online casino bingo games and what makes each one so exciting. You'll also be able to explore the online casinos where bingo is available and claim a bonus to start playing and winning.

Japanese Bingo Games

Japanese bingo games are getting prominent in Japan as a substitute for the traditional pachinko machines found on the country. Pachinko is a very popular slot machine and pinball game across Japan. It is where players release steel balls on the gaming table and hope it lands on winning combinations. They can control the timing and release of these steel balls to win them huge on these game machines.

When bingo games were introduced in the Japanese market, it was immediately accepted by the population since Japan limits the operation of online gaming sites among its players. Thus, the acceptance of this online card game has instantly gained a great reception among Japanese players which made them the second largest gaming market when it comes to the best mobile games.

Japanese bingo is normally played with a 5x5 bingo card with random numbers from 1 to 75 or 1 to 90, depending on the variant the gaming platform uses. Players are also treated with a free number found on the middle of their cards which can be substituted to any number to complete winning lines or patterns. Each card is uniquely created giving players their "own" cards for each session.

Japanese Bingo Gameplay

Just like the rules of other versions of this game, Japanese bingo players need to complete patterns in every round from the cards they're holding. They need to mark the numbers or words called out on their cards to determine whether they're nearing of completing the featured pattern for that round.

Since these are Japanese-hosted games, the "caller" would call out Japanese words like Kyoto, Kansai, kimono, name, chan, saki, ame, and many more found on these cards. Players who complete featured patterns must call out "Bingo" for the caller to stop drawing words and check whether there is a winner or none.

Online Japanese Bingo

As mentioned, this card game is also being hosted by several online gaming sites. Online Japanese bingo also hosts the similar gameplay of the actual version, but players get to participate in these sessions virtually, anytime and anywhere they prefer. The gameplay is also quick as every transaction and draw is done digitally. Furthermore, online players are treated with exclusive perks and promotions like no deposit bonuses for them to try this game and get familiar with its mechanics for free before placing their real money wagers.