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Microgaming Slots and Grizzly Gambling

To those Canadians who have been around online casino gaming for a while, it is a foregone conclusion that the best games in the world are created by Microgaming, which has been a world leader in this category literally since its inception. Microgaming goes back so far that it can legitimately lay claim to having produced the world's first full-featured online casino. But it was not long afterward that they made the decision to service the entire industry, not just themselves. Needless to say, it was a wise decision. Inform yourself better here on Microgaming software in general, about its best games, and on which casinos you can find them. There are so many advantages of choosing this software provider; it's up to you to use them well.

Microgaming is at the forefront when it comes to games of any kind, but one might say that their signature product is slots, especially slots such as Asian Beauty which invites players to visit the orient. This is a company that produces far ore online slot games than any other company in the world, and generally speaking, when one of their major releases is announced, it is certainly an industry event.

These slot games cover a wide range, from the "classic" slots that resemble the one-armed bandits of old, all the way up to the more sophisticated video slot games that have become some of the most popular games in the online casino market in Canada. These games have numerous features that offer benefits to the player, including bonus games, animation, exploding wilds and many other things that have been known to get people excited. And some of them pay off at astronomical levels. Microgaming has an expansive progressive jackpot network that involves all the casinos it powers, and six and seven-figures payouts are nothing unusual.

All told, there are close to 400 online slot games developed by Microgaming, and they all have options that allow for the player to create his or her own atmosphere, with sound, size and speed controls, as well as features like "Autoplay." All of these have state-of-the-art craftsmanship and breathtaking graphics. You can now have a free preview by playing on the finest no deposit casino sites in Canada. Read more about it at the NoDepositCanada site, and see how to get closer to the best Microgaming real money slots.

And guess what? If you go to Grizzly Gambling, you will have an opportunity to play many of these games for free. That's right; you can play some of the finest online slot games in the world with absolutely no risk to you, and this becomes tremendously useful to consumers not only from the standpoint of choosing which casinos to play at, but also which games to play once they get there. Players have a tendency to prefer a wide variety of things, and this is where they will find out. Grizzly Gambling has one of the most extensive collections of free games anywhere in the world, and a very healthy selection of Microgaming slots, which not only includes video slot games but also three and five-reel offerings and the classic slots, will be available on their pages. So take advantage of the chance to get all "warmed up" with Microgaming online slots at Grizzly Gambling today!